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  • A Lifetime isn't Long Enough to Spend With You
    iconA Lifetime isn't Long Enough to Spend With You

    "Kavanaugh's intimate poetry always finds a home in us, but this volume especially. Between the covers he unites the loving, laughing boy with the man who longs to love."
    --Lowell House

    "His Best!" -- Wayne Dyer.

    JK says, "Truly to love is to love the wonders of nature, a loyal pet, one's parents and family with all their faults, friends of every age and orientation, and especially oneself. Only then are we ready to have a lasting, fulfilling, committed relationship with one another.

  • A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church
    iconA Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church

    "The book that started the religious revolution in the 70's. It will change the world!"
    --Psychology Today.

    #1 on the NY Times Bestseller List.

    Dr. Carl Rogers said, "It is the most moving human document I have ever read! In an earlier day, the author would have been burned at the stake . . ."

    Europeans titled it, "A Protest of Love," since JK wrote from the heart to save the Churches by separating mythological traditions from the historic truths they veiled. The ideal book for persons attempting to recover from religious guilt. To understand what precipitated the religious revolution of the 70's, this book is the enduring classic.

  • America, I Love You but Not Like I Used To
    iconAmerica, I Love You but Not Like I Used To

    "Ballad on America is another Kavanaugh 10-strike . . . How I would like to see this put to music!"
    --Walter Cronkite.

    America is a powerful song about our past and what, through a poet's eyes, it has become.

    Beautifully designed.





  • And on the 6th Day, God Made Man
    iconAnd on the 6th Day, God Made Man

    The review in Awareness Magazine "Don't plan on doing anything else the day you open this book . . . I read it straight through, then discovered with acute disappointment I had finished it, reading it in the waning light by street lamps, reciting passages to strolling passersby. Hidden in the humor are nuggets or truth and clarity that strike out like lightning."

    The Miami Herald says, "Belly laughs galore!"

  • Celebrate the Sun : A Love Story
    iconCelebrate the Sun : A Love Story

    A stirring allegory reflecting JK's vision of life and death.
    A Spiritual Book Club Selection

    Considered by many JK's most powerful book, it contains his own personal philosophy in a tale about a comunity of pelicans and the life of the amazing Harry Lagendorf Pelican. Dear Abby offered to give money back to anyone who did not love this book.

    Recently a woman told JK that her husband asked her to read this book to him while he lay dying. When she finished, he smiled at her for a very long time, took her hand, and died peacefully a short time later.

  • From Loneliness to Love
    iconFrom Loneliness to Love

    As the book says: "to move from loneliness to love means to take a risk, to create the personal environment and strong support system we need no matter what the price." In a society filled with lonely, anxious and depressed people fighting their own variety of stress, Kavanaugh leads them to a new level of self-esteem and courage.

    Dear Abby says: "I have read all of James Kavanaugh's books and given hundreds as gifts. He deserves to be heard by all of America. He will be." The author says: "This is a book of knowing that love is available and loneliness is a loving signal that it is time to find a friend."

  • God Lives
    iconGod Lives

    "I shouted every acclamation I know! None expressed my excitement! There are no words..." - Dr Peggy Bassett., beloved President of the Church of Religious Science, typed her review with her toes shortly before dying of a paralyzing illness.

    "I show the cover of the book at every lecture I give, as the best book I've ever read to heal religious guilt and fear. --Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.- Recovering the Soul.

    Written for those who are chained by sin, hell, the bible, an infallible pope, and how to live in a Church where they are fed myths and lies that ignore distortions of history and solid traditions.



  • Laughing Down Lonely Canyons
    iconLaughing Down Lonely Canyons

    "This is a book for the barely brave like me who refuse to abandon their dream . . .

    It is for those who want to make of life the joy it was meant to be, who refuse to give up no matter the cost. . " -- James Kavanaugh.

    Perhaps none of Kavanaugh's poetry books has so powerfully mingled pain and joy, despair and hope, fear and courage.

    Countless numbers have called it their release to recover from tragedy, divorce, serious illness, addiction, and to begin a new life, or to face death fearlessly.





  • Mystic Fire: Love Poetry
    iconMystic Fire: Love Poetry

    All the passion and romance and pain of love unfold in this exquisite work. "Love grew like some mystic fire around my heart."

    Perhaps the greatest beauty of this book is its balance in the power of physical, emotional, and unconditional spiritual love. Hundreds have asked permission to use these poems for their weddings.

    "Perhaps," says Kavanaugh, "life's only tragedy is never to know a pure and unconditional love. To give such is to finally be alive, to receive such is to be as gods . . . Erotic love is a much ignored sacrament and a unique contact with God."





  • Quiet Water
    iconQuiet Water

    JK's favorite inspirational reflections, offering courage when life's most difficult passages seem impossilbe to endure.

    As said by the author, "For centuries mankind was locked in religious systems, falsely based on a Bible consistently misinterpreted in myriad ways. Many, perhaps most remain fundamentalist children. Bold reformers in every century spoke another language, until today angry religious myths are losing their power. In the new millenniem honest and unpretentious humanness will flourish."

    As Kavanaugh writes,"There is quiet water in the center of your soul, where the weak can harden and a narrow mind can grow."

  • Search

    A Guide for those who dare to ask of life everything good and beautiful. "Search offers 12 solid principles that have transformed people for years of self-doubt to self love." --Rollo May

    The program focuses on playing the "Long Game" rather than anxiously demanding immediate gratification, so that we can finally become the unique person we are. A renowned Chicago judge calls it "the best self-help book I have ever read." Search provides a solid psychological path to freedom, love, and a profound spirituality.




  • Tears and Laughter of a Man's Soul
    iconTears and Laughter of a Man's Soul

    "Men are not easy to know, even by other men, it's a rare woman who understands them. The path to true freedom and joy is more exciting than difficult..." A clarion call for the Men's Movement.

    JK says "Man is from Mars is a sad distortion. He can be as much from Venus as woman. Freedom is not beating drums or frollicking in forests. Man's battle is for trtuth, justice, and love in a society which only taks of democracy." The Jewish philosopher, Max Scheler said after WWI, "Either Christianity has failed or has never been tried." "So with manhood!" JK asks: "Where have all the warriors gone?"



  • There are Men too Gentle to Live Among Wolves
    iconThere are Men too Gentle to Live Among Wolves

    James Kavanaugh's first poetry book has sold 3 million copies and excites each generation of searchers.
    "I loved it." --Cardinal Bernardin

    JK writes "We searchers are ambitious only for life istelf, for everything beautiful it provides." Thousands have told the author it has transformed their lives. It is perhaps the best poetry book on personal freedom ever written. As Wayne Dyer says, "James Kavanaugh puts into words what we have all felt so deeply within ourselves."

    Turned down by 10 editors who saw academic poetry as a model, JK became the "peoples' poet" (Larry King) with his passionate Irish power.

  • The Crooked Angel
    iconThe Crooked Angel

    Kavanaugh's only children's book. A loving tale of two angels who escape isolation and sadness through friendship and laughter. He wrote it for a beloved young niece with physical challenges. Goldie Hawn: "My children loved it! So did I."







  • Will You Be My Friend?
    iconWill You Be My Friend?

    A recently updated and revised edition with a new intro by the author. (Over 2.2 million copies)

    As Kavanaugh says in his introduction, "Friendship is freedom, is flowing, is rare. . . it trusts, understands, grows, explores . . . It does not exhaust or cling, expect or demand. It is and that is enough and it dreams a lot. Will YOU Be My Friend?"

    Thousands of couples have found the key to their relationship in this book. Individuals who where to frightened to love felt their hearts begin to open. It is probably Kavanaugh's most popular book with students.