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James KavanaughA Note From Cathy Markel Kavanaugh

Steven J. Nash Publishing was started in 1990 by James Kavanaugh when he bought the rights to all his books from various publishers. He felt that his books should be made available for everyone to enjoy and together, from 1998 on, he and I ran his company until he retired in 2004.

(Steven J. Nash was the pseudonym he used when he wrote the article for The Saturday Evening Post that started his writing career. It was titled; "I Am A Priest, And I Want To Marry.")

The James Kavanaugh Institute (and Steven J. Nash Publishing) is a 501(C) (3) charity that my husband started as he traveled and lectured in the mid 1980's to 2002. We enjoyed many years together traveling and especially our trips to Canada and our woods on Lake Superior where we saw moose, bear, foxes, ravens, falcons and even heard the lonely howls of a wolf pack one night. His death on December 29, 2009, has been especially hard for me. I not only lost my best friend, husband and constant companion, I lost his gentle wisdom, and outrageuos wit and humor. His legacy lives on in his beautiful words, and it is my joy to make them available once again.

In the coming years, we will continue to restructure The James Kavanaugh Institute as we adjust to our loss. We hope we can make Jim proud. All profits from the sale of his books will go directly to fund his charity. The only directive my husband has given me is "to help women and children." Some of the charities we have helped locally include the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and Ministry With Community Center, the local food bank, First Day Shoe Fund, and through Plan International, we have provided mosquito nets, school books and uniforms, small livestock for families, medical care and food, and contributed toward funding a well for a town that had no safe drinking water. 

In the coming months and years, I'll be posting the progress as we continue to build. It has taken me time to grieve, but now we move forward. Jim has many wonderful fans who still call to chat, and I have enjoyed hearing from everyone.

Peace and Love,
Mrs. James Kavanaugh
December 2012